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This page shows the ten most recent blog articles. A complete list of all articles since the blog started in May 2014 can be found on the Blog Archive page.

Vicky Lewis Consulting Blog

2021: A year of two halves

Posted on 6 Jan 2022 at 17:14 by Vicky Lewis

Variety is the spice of (a consultant's) life

FeastWhen I became an independent consultant in 2013, I was happy to escape the confines of university life (and politics) and relished the opportunity of being able to fit in a modest amount of academic research alongside my consultancy work. The plan was that the latter would pay the bills, while the former would keep me sharp, relevant and credible.

What I didn’t expect was what happened in 2021, which turned into a year of two halves. The first half was focused almost exclusively on research and the second half on consultancy.

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Fresh Perspectives and Inclusive Models

Posted on 11 Dec 2021 at 16:04 by Vicky Lewis

Inviting challenge when internationalising HEIs

EAIE Winter Forum 2021 articleThe theme of the European Association for International Education’s (EAIE) Winter Forum magazine is ‘Internationalisation for All: Distributed leadership in international education’. It includes a range of great articles exploring different aspects of inclusive internationalisation and the kind of leadership needed (at all levels) to realise this.

I contributed the opening article to the magazine, entitled ‘Fresh Perspectives and Inclusive Models’. It’s based on my 2021 research into the international strategies of UK universities and encourages those of us working in international education to challenge our assumptions about leadership and delivery and to look beyond the pandemic to a future model of more distributed and empowering internationalisation.

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Key findings from my Global Strategies report

Posted on 5 Jul 2021 at 16:46 by Vicky Lewis

An Executive Summary with hyperlinks

GSR CoverThis blog is a bit longer than usual because it reproduces the Executive Summary of my report – UK Universities’ Global Engagement Strategies: Time for a rethink?.

I have embedded within this Executive Summary blog links to the various other blogs I have published over the last two months, all of which relate to sections and themes within the report.

So, if you can’t face reading the full report, this blog provides not only a summary of key findings, but also a way to take a quick dive into areas that are of particular interest to you via the relevant blog posts to which it links. I hope that’s a helpful approach.

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The strategy consultation process

Posted on 25 Jun 2021 at 15:23 by Vicky Lewis

Key questions for universities to explore

This blog largely reproduces the final section of my report – UK Universities’ Global Engagement Strategies: Time for a rethink?. This final section is entitled: Overview of key questions for HEIs to ask and can be downloaded as a separate document. (There’s an overview of all the sections and Chapters in the report here).

Questions to askIn my consultancy work, I find that putting time and effort into coming up with the right questions to ask during the consultation phase of new strategy development – or when a strategy is being reviewed – pays huge dividends.

They can be used to stimulate valuable discussions with a range of different stakeholders, serving to challenge assumptions, spark ideas derived from divergent thinking and, ultimately, make the strategy itself richer, more sustainable, more distinctive, and more reflective of institutional values, mission and character.

This is why I conclude each chapter in Part 3 (Next generation strategies: Where are we heading?) of my main Global Strategies report with a set of questions (some of which I have shared in earlier blogs).

The ‘right’ questions will vary from institution to institution and my list is by no means comprehensive. However, I hope it will provide a useful prompt for leaders within HEIs as they engage in discussions on the future shape of their global engagement strategy.

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An opportunity to rethink our global engagement strategies

Posted on 21 Jun 2021 at 13:41 by Vicky Lewis

Conclusions from my research

This blog largely reproduces the concluding chapter of my report – UK Universities’ Global Engagement Strategies: Time for a rethink?. (There’s an overview of all the sections and Chapters in the report here).

Time for a rethinkThe current context for university global engagement is fraught with tensions: from the geopolitical level through to the institutional level. The pace of change is frenetic. In the time it took me to write up my report, new agent aggregators and partnership models came onto the scene and the UK government slashed budgets for ODA-funded projects.  

The maelstrom of challenges and opportunities for universities, discussed at sector conferences and webinars, in academic papers and in the media, is only very partially addressed within UK national policy and strategy, which inevitably lags behind the wider debates and occasionally feels quite disconnected from them.

This time lag and disconnectedness can also occur in institutional strategies. The big ideas can become diluted and bold courses of action reined back. While the most recent strategies tend to be more values-driven than earlier ones, there often remains a disconnect between rhetoric and reality, between what HEIs say is important and the success measures they use. It is easy to get distracted from the big picture by comparing ourselves with others and fixating on the same metrics we have always used (and those everyone else uses). The hunger for genuine self-improvement can be lost, resulting in a vanilla version of what the institution has the potential to become.

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New ways of measuring success

Posted on 14 Jun 2021 at 11:57 by Vicky Lewis

Escaping the rut of traditional KPIs

Alternative success measuresThe first part of my research project on UK university global engagement strategies showed that there’s often a mismatch between the global rhetoric in strategy documents (with its emphasis on making a positive contribution to the world) and the measures of international success that are selected (which tend to be more about building institutional profile, reach and income).

I therefore probed this area with my interviewees, generating a variety of responses. This blog seeks to tease out some of their different perspectives and suggests some alternative approaches to measuring success.

It draws on the final chapter (Chapter 12) of my report – UK Universities’ Global Engagement Strategies: Time for a rethink?. (There’s an overview of all the sections and Chapters in the report here).

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Enabling change by operating differently

Posted on 10 Jun 2021 at 15:32 by Vicky Lewis

'No going back'

Enabling changeA strong theme running through my recent interviews was the idea that we cannot simply go back to pre-pandemic ways of working. As one person said, ‘I don’t think the world (or students) will let us “go back”. The old world isn’t there any more; there’s nowhere to go back to!’.

My last two blogs highlighted priorities that need to be addressed in future global engagement strategies. One focused on inclusive approaches to developing global perspectives and another on rethinking partnership models.

Strategies are all about change. And change needs to be enabled. It will only be achieved if the conditions are right. This is why so many UK university strategic plans include one or more ‘enabling objectives’.

This current blog explores some of the institutional conditions, approaches and operating practices that will best facilitate delivery of a post-pandemic global engagement strategy. Of course, every university is different, so some aspects may be more relevant to you than others.

The blog draws on Chapter 11 of my report – UK Universities’ Global Engagement Strategies: Time for a rethink?. (There’s an overview of all the sections and Chapters in the report here).

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Internationalisation for All

Posted on 1 Jun 2021 at 14:22 by Vicky Lewis

Inclusive approaches to developing global perspectives

Internationalisation for AllMy last blog discussed the changing nature of partnerships. However, an equally prominent theme to emerge from the interviews for my Global Strategies report was ‘Internationalisation for All’.

Today’s blog explores inclusive approaches to developing global perspectives and enriching the student – and staff – experience, often assisted by digital technologies. It draws on Chapter 10 of my report – UK Universities’ Global Engagement Strategies: Time for a rethink?. (There’s an overview of all the sections and Chapters in the report here).

The pandemic has made it clear that it is possible to have an internationalised experience without necessarily being physically mobile. Interviewees saw opportunities to build on the progress that has been made in experiential and curriculum-based developments that broaden global horizons.

The principle of inclusivity underpins the concept of ‘Internationalisation for All’. Several interviewees observed that the pandemic experience has opened up a space to have conversations about what internationalisation means for the static majority (not just the mobile minority) and suggested that future global engagement strategies would have less focus on physical mobility. One, referring to programme content, suggested that ‘ironically, the content has become more internationalised precisely because we can’t travel’.

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Rethinking partnership models

Posted on 27 May 2021 at 15:34 by Vicky Lewis

A new landscape and different relationships

A new landscapeWhen undertaking interviews for my Global Strategies research project, I asked what would be prominent (and different) in the next generation of UK global engagement strategies.

Almost all interviewees highlighted the changing nature of partnerships and the need for models to be rethought, based on deep consideration of how international partnerships can help institutions to achieve their – and their partners’ – overarching strategic goals.

Today’s blog provides an overview of the new partnership landscape and the new relationships that may be forged. It draws on Chapter 9 of my report – UK Universities’ Global Engagement Strategies: Time for a rethink?. (There’s an overview of all the sections and Chapters in the report here).

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Negotiating new global dynamics

Posted on 24 May 2021 at 16:51 by Vicky Lewis

Seismic shifts

Seismic shiftsWhen discussing themes that the next generation of global engagement strategies should address, my interviewees highlighted the need for institutions to negotiate a new set of global dynamics, including some seismic shifts in the balance of power.

Today’s blog provides an overview of key points that were raised. It draws on Chapter 8 of my report – UK Universities’ Global Engagement Strategies: Time for a rethink?. (There’s an overview of all the sections and Chapters in the report here).

Interviewees recognised that the centre of gravity is moving from West to East. Higher education and research are expanding rapidly in many parts of Asia. A more regional approach to globalisation is emerging, with non-traditional destinations attracting international students from their region and new international education hubs developing.

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