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Vicky Lewis Consulting advises client organisations whose work has an educational and international dimension, including:

  • University of Southampton Malaysia CampusHigher and Further Education Institutions (in the UK or overseas) – at institutional, branch campus, faculty or department level
  • Other providers or facilitators of education or training (e.g. English language or pathway providers; international schools; charities with an educational remit; scholarship bodies)
  • National organisations or agencies (UK or overseas) with an interest in international education
  • Providers of marketing, communications, student recruitment or related services to the higher / further education sector

Services Available

Vicky Lewis Consulting offers an extensive service portfolio beyond the areas highlighted under Specialist Expertise.

Each consultancy project is different and the most effective approach will be agreed with the client on an individual basis. Broad service categories are listed below. The list is not exhaustive so do still get in touch if your requirements don't map neatly onto any of them.

Strategy creation or review

  • Creation from scratch of an internationalisation strategy or review of an existing one (at institutional, campus or organisational unit level)
  • Client consultationStrategy development for a specific aspect of internationalisation (e.g. international student recruitment, international partnerships, transnational education provision or internationalisation at home)

New business development

  • Undertaking market research (e.g. analysis of policy, legislative, funding or competitor context) to inform new business or market development
  • Acting as a sector expert or critical friend to providers of relevant services seeking to develop their UK education sector client or partner portfolio

Staffing and resourcing advice

  • Advice on appropriate staffing infrastructure and other resources needed to support international aims and ambitions
  • Assistance in defining roles, selecting candidates and mentoring new postholders

Operational planning

  • Development of operational plans (e.g. for student recruitment or other activity strands supporting internationalisation)
  • Advice on business planning for units supporting international activities

Stakeholder engagement

  • Helping to engage internal or external stakeholders in support of strategic aims (or aspects of these)
  • Investigating and analysing perceptions of your organisation – or of a particular service offered - amongst key stakeholders (in order to inform future plans)

Research AND TRAINING: reports, seminars and presentations

  • Undertaking and writing up commissioned research into aspects of internationalisation – as an individual or part of a team
  • Providing conference presentations, seminars, webinars, insight papers and commentaries on areas of expertise within the field of international education

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